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Education and Training

Cyber Security Competence Development

We are creating cutting-edge education and training materials and courses to advance competencies and professionalism in EU cybersecurity.

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As part of CyberSecPro’s analysis, the consortium undertook a detailed analysis of the needed skills and competencies in EU cybersecurity to inform the development of education and training materials.

What we are working on

CyberSecPro Analysis

We analyse the EU Cybersecurity market to build education and training materials that individuals and organisations need.

CyberSecPro Events

We undertake a lot of education, training and dissemination events to spread and apply our knowledge and results.

CyberSecPro Training Materials

We develop a large variety of materials that can be used by educators and trainers in cybersecurity.

CyberSecPro Certification

We develop a certification scheme to recognise cybersecurity competencies.

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CyberSecPro brings together 27 Partners from across Europe to shape EU Cybersecurity

Including higher education institutions, companies and a quality assurance body, CyberSecPro brings together partners with diverse experiences and capabilities to undertake this ambitious project.


Next level cybersecurity education and training

CyberSecPro’s ambition is to enhance the role of the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) in offering hands-on and working-life skills for driving a trustworthy digital transformation in critical sectors of the economy. The enhanced HEIs will equip the workforce with the necessary capabilities to address the digital challenges and be capable to develop secure privacy aware innovative ICT and industrial products that serve people, businesses and working-life communities practising their democratic values and rights. 

The Idea

CyberSecPro will be an authentic environment to link innovation, research, industry, academia and SME support. The outcome of the CyberSecPro is to empower the NextGen Europe.


Shaping the future of EU cybersecurity.

We aim to contribute to the advancement of cybersecurity education and training by:

Developing material for theoretical and practical skills development

Training and certifying students and professionals

Promoting partnerships

CyberSecPro Stakeholders

CyberSecPro has been designed to support a variety of stakeholders. 


For educators

CyberSecPro will help educators in advancing their course offerings.


For learners

Learners can directly benefit from the materials developed and the courses shaped by CyberSecPro.


For companies

Companies will benefit from CyberSecPro with respect to upskilling and reskilling their workforce.

CyberSecPro creates cutting-edge education and training materials and courses to advance competencies and professionalism in EU cybersecurity.


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